If you want to propel yourself and your business forward without feeling stuck, overwhelmed and indecisive…
It’s time to think and act like a
Real Business Owner.
But what happens if you're traveling in the wrong direction?
What I am about to say will probably shock you. You may not even like hearing it. But one thing is for sure, you'll realize that it's absolutely true. This single most important thing also significantly impacts your growth as an entrepreneur and the overall quality of your life.

The moment you fully understand the actual implications of this driving principle, your approach towards life and business will forever change for the better. And your performance and profits will skyrocket in the process. Yet, most entrepreneurs who dream of starting or growing their own online business ignore this – leading to sheer disappointment, displeasure, and dissatisfaction.
What is it? 

Well, before I tell you, let me ask you a simple question:

Are you running your business, or is your business running you (into the ground)?

Because as far as I’m aware…
  •   You’ve been hiding behind your laptop screen for far too long now, thinking, pondering and planning to get visible – only to get struck by the giant fear of rejection, fear of not being liked, and fear of failure.
  •   You’ve been planning to create your own online course, program or membership site for months (or maybe years), but you’re stuck knee-deep in imposter syndrome, analysis paralysis and perfectionism.
  •   You don’t believe yourself to be the expert, so you are in a constant spiral of learning new things, following “experts”, and downloading everything you possible can in the hopes to execute it all one day.
  •   You have more things on your to-do list than the number of hours in a day. Small tasks never seem to end, yet nothing seems to be done at the end of the day.
  •   You know taking a U-turn in your business is imperative for a healthy lifestyle as you can’t keep on trading time for money, but your days are spent planning, planning and some more planning rather than executing…
Does any of the above sound familiar? I know it does.

Do you know why? Not because you don’t know enough, or your idea isn’t good enough, or you’re not committed enough…
It’s because you treat yourself as a commodity in your business instead of taking charge like a real business owner.
When you think of yourself as a commodity, it affects your self-esteem and stalls your growth. This is trickier, but unfathomably important to grasp. A commodity is negotiable, limited, and comparable. So you strive to be your best by constantly working IN your business, trying to stand out and prove yourself, and let me tell you, you can only work so much in a day and make so much money.
This is the reason you are always lowering your prices and over-delivering to please your customers (despite offering TOP quality work).
This is the reason you can’t seem to be working enough hours in a day (despite being glued to your desk from early morning to past midnight).
This is the reason you seem to have forgotten little joys in life and your days revolve around learning that one more thing, watching that one more webinar, and reading that one more post – eventually leading you to question your sanity + your self-worth. 
This is the reason you have become a toy in the hands of credit cards, and you don’t ever experience the financial success you had hoped for when you started out.
You are not a commodity - Stop acting like one!
So, what other option do you have?
You want your business to do more, have more, and achieve a lot more financial success, all while living an enjoyable life. In order to do that, you need to take charge like a real business owner instead of struggling, second-guessing and selling yourself short.

Just by shifting your thinking and focus, your business can quickly advance upward and forward at an accelerated pace. Going from a struggling entrepreneur (commodity mindset) to thinking & acting like a real business owner is probably the most exciting, fulfilling and rewarding move you could ever make.
It will stimulate your intellect, reinvigorate your business and liberate your life.
6 shifts that separate real business owners from struggling entrepreneurs
  •  Struggling entrepreneurs are always afraid of taking action … Real business owners are movers, shakers, and doers — always looking at their business with a broader sense of growth & possibilities.
  •  Struggling entrepreneurs like to contemplate rather than initiate … Real business owners execute faster than they come up with the idea.
  •  Struggling entrepreneurs want to be liked by EVERYONE … Real business owners have a strong sense of self-confidence, they welcome criticism and know that rejection and disapproval is part of the game.
  •  Struggling entrepreneurs want to be in control of every pesky little detail of their business … Real business owners know what to be in control of and what to outsource when the time is right.
  •  Struggling entrepreneurs let their circumstances define their reality… Real business owners develop habits, create an atmosphere and surround themselves with people that help them cope with the toughest of situations and overcome all odds.
  •  More importantly, struggling entrepreneurs think of themselves the be-all-end-all of their business… Real business owners know how to separate their business (products, systems, finances) from their personal self, so they don’t attach the outcome with their self-worth.
Real business owners are visionaries.
They don’t see what’s NOT possible, instead they think of ways to make things possible.  

They refuse to be ordinary, and find solutions where they had been told there were none.

They leave the city of their comfort and go into the wilderness of massive action.

They don’t let emotions come in the way, and are able to take an objective look at their business.

When you stop thinking of yourself as a commodity and start acting like a real business owner, you’ll be able to find your strong suit, turn it into an online course, and launch it profitably to an eager audience – WITHOUT losing sleep over things you’re not good at.


Because with the right support by your side, you’re not alone. You learn, you implement and outsource if need be.

By doing so, you’ll be able to reach more people, present the best solution to their problems, and help them live their best lives.
But can you make these shifts on your own?
There’s no doubt that the ideas brimming in your head have the ability to change the world as we know it.

•    Ideas that keep you up at night, nudging you to hold space for them and turn them into a reality…

•    Ideas that when implemented can give life a different meaning and shape a new way of living…

•    Ideas that are tender on the outside yet strong enough to take things up a notch…

There is no end to the knowledge that you’ve acquired over time, the experiences you bring to the table and the expertise which make you unique. 

But at the same time, all these ideas and knowledge in your head can easily cause great turbulence and chaos when you try to do things on your own. When you do try to take your ideas out of your head and onto the web, it turns into an unsolvable jigsaw puzzle. Uh-huh, not good!

Why? Because there is no strategy, no support and absolutely no execution plan.

Throw in a million and one expert opinions on “what to do” and “what not to do” and VOILA! You’ve got a cocktail of in-action right here!
Knowledge is power, but you know what’s more powerful? 
Turning that knowledge into sellable and impactful products. 
And to do that, you need to focus on 3 core areas of your Life & Business.
No matter what kind of business you have, you need to focus on 3 core areas to propel your business forward.

To differentiate YOU from the noise, craft a plan, and help you become an authority in your industry.

To create a rock-solid business foundation, automate and optimize your bottom line and turn your gross revenue into profits.

To give you constructive and honest feedback as you execute the strategy and climb your way to success.
E-Learning is a $110 Billion Dollar Industry!
And there is no better time to create, launch & profit from an information product than RIGHT NOW!
Are you going to leave your slice of this exquisite pie just because it intimidates you?
You’re passionate about helping others, but you don’t know how to turn your knowledge, experience, and ideas into a digital product that people will happily pay for.
You may have identified your ideal customers, but you have no idea where to find them, and how to best connect with them and effortlessly attract them towards your offer. 
There are numerous other entrepreneurs doing what you do. You have no idea how to price and position your offer so it cuts right through the noise and stands out.
You’ve heard that visibility is synonymous to profitability, but how do you go on building a list and community that’s obsessed with what you do and then how to convert those raving fans into loyal customers!
You know you need to officially launch your digital product (because everybody seems to be doing that), but you’re clueless about which launch model to follow to make it wildly successful.
And most importantly, what happens once you’ve launched. Do you go from launch to launch or is there a better way to create a sustainable business and scale your income fast?
(and rediscovering your life for a better, brighter and blissful business)
What if…
Discovering your self-sabotaging, limiting beliefs wasn’t a struggle, instead you had the clarity and confidence to focus on the right things in your business? 
Creating a business that you run instead of it running you wasn’t an uphill battle. Instead, you had all the systems and “done-for-you” strategies that you need to get the fastest and biggest ROI?
Creating your own online course was easy as a breeze and you didn’t have to worry about having out-of-this-world-knowledge to make it happen? 
Finding your ideal clients in reality was as easy as nailing it down on paper and you were able to create an unbreakable bond of trust & likeability with them?
Pricing your offers was more than just “charge what you’re worth” methodology, instead you were able to strike the perfect balance between what you want to charge and how much they’re willing to pay?
You had a comprehensive launch strategy with a step-by-step action plan (what to do, how to do it and when to do it) laid out for you on a silver platter?
You didn’t have to worry about pitching your offer to an empty room and hearing crickets? Because you’re supported and trusted by an excited community of followers.
And most of all, what if you could launch once and then turn it into an evergreen revenue generation source for you (passive income anyone)?
It all seems like a picture perfect entrepreneurial world, doesn’t it?
This is the reality of a growing community of entrepreneurs who are owning their businesses as real business owners, breaking stereotypes, doing things the unconventional way, and rising together as they leverage their existing knowledge, experience and expertise.
All of this is possible for you and so much more…

ENROLL for Launched In 90 Today and Let’s Make it Your Reality!
Launched in 90
Launched in 90 is a transformative program for high-performing women entrepreneurs that gives you a workable, practical and implementable approach to create, launch and sell-out your high-impact digital products, programs or courses in just 90 days. 
Launched in 90 is a concrete information and support system that is proven to help you inject more clarity, confidence and cash into your business. It helps you go from a knowledgeable person to an industry expert by packaging your expertise into an in-demand digital product and launching it to an eager audience.

I don’t claim to have invented this proven launch framework, as all big entrepreneurial players have been using it time and again to bring in billions in revenue. I just took the best practices, applied them to my small businesses and have had success launch after launch. Now that’s exactly what I’m going to teach you.
Launched in 90 is specifically structured to slay the demons that have been killing dreams faster than one can think of. With bite-sized actionable steps, live implementation workshops and sheer accountability, with Launched in 90 it becomes literally impossible to not follow through your goals and achieve your dreams.
Launched in 90 is a focused group of like-minded women who believe in each other’s vision and are committed to soar together by leveraging the power of collective. The connections made here will be the connections worth a lifetime. From authority boosting collaborations to profitable partnerships, this is nothing short of tapping into a highly powerful network of successful individuals. 
The sustainability of your business depends on a predictable and repeatable sales system. After you’ve launched your offer out in the online world, Launched in 90 will help you monetize it without having to go from launch to launch. Using the Evergreen business model, you’ll learn how to effortlessly sell all year round and grow your business by leaps and bounds. 
You’ll have LIFETIME access to all the training, strategies and resources. You can re-launch or launch another product much faster once you’ve learned how to strategically launch the first time.
 Most Popular
12 Modules with Training Videos, Workbooks & Checklists 
Swipe Files (Opt-ins, Sales Pages, Email Copy & more) 
2 Discounted Tickets to Annual She's Building Her Empire Live event! 
Highly Relevant Training Videos from Industry Experts
LIFETIME ACCESS to Launched in 90 and All Other Bonuses!
Members Only Private Facebook Community with 18 Previously Recorded Q/A’s with Stacy via Facebook Live
The Propel Effect - Client Attraction System
2 Monthly  LIVE Zoom Group Coaching Calls with Stacy
6 months of Group Coaching - All Your Questions Answered

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(If you already are a member of Launched in 90, you get a flat $997 Discount on PROPEL)
Pay in Full - $997 Or,
4 Installments of $297
Pay in Full - $4,997 
(Payment Plan Available)
IGNITE your creativity, SPARK your passion, and BOOST your bottom-line … Lightning Fast.


…it’s an exclusive and life-changing experience!

** She's Building Her Empire LIVE Tuition Waiver Granted Immediately Upon Purchase **
(You just pay the $97 supply fee)
Here's what you'll get with Launched in 90
Launch preparation and execution with highly motivated action, through training videos, PDFs, Checklists AND Live implementation workshops.
Facebook Community to keep you connected with your peers and help you get inspired and take action together (this does not include private or group coaching).
2 Free Ticket to my Annual She's Building Her Empire Live event! You just have to pay the $97 supplies fee.
Exclusive access to one of my multiple five figure launches, we’re talking Opt-in Page, Email Copy, Sales Page, Facebook Ads and so much more!
Special access to the strategy behind my 5 and 6 figure launches that have helped me position myself in the coaching industry and skyrocket my impact factor.
Highly relevant training videos from industry experts to facilitate your product creation, lead generation and launch process.
6 months of intimate group coaching experience with structured support, highly-effective business knowledge (not run o’ the mill content from the internet), and sheer accountability (If you choose to go with PROPEL)
Julia Jackson
•  The 1st digital product she ever created

•  Added 1,000 new email subscribers the week of her challenge

•  17 people purchased during her challenge launch
Fast Action Bonus
How would you like to get access to the funnel that helped me generate $80K in a 7-day launch? Every step laid out for you – from copy to design…start to finish.

A lot of strategy, tons of work and bucket loads of cash went into designing that funnel, but you can have it for FREE if you enroll in the LAUNCHED IN 90 within the next 48 hours. Are you willing to miss it? I hope not.  
Launched In 90 is a transformative experience that's divided into four phases…
Each phase is carefully designed to help you set and achieve tangible milestones and smoothly go from an idea (or unfinished product) to a successfully launched offer.

And no, you’re not just “planning” your launch in program, you’re going to be executing what you learn and will see results in REAL-TIME.

Let’s take a detailed look at what you’ll learn in each phase, shall we?
While working on your beliefs, mindset and overall approach to life may not seem to be directly related to launching your course and profiting from it, the reality is quite the opposite. We’ll look at the big picture of your life and business and hone in on your true vision for an empowered future. Through a series of interactive exercises and mindful practices, you will know what you need to give up to get what you desire.
Before creating a course, program or product, it’s important to know the exact gap you are filling in through your knowledge in your niche. Unlike many entrepreneurs who shoot in the dark, you will learn how to research the market and find your unique selling point that would help position you as a leader and expert in your industry.
Whether you have an existing offer that’s failing to get the traction you had hoped for or you are confused about how to package up your ideas into a sold-out offer, this training will help you go knee-deep into the psychology and methodology behind creating in-demand offers that your customers are looking to buy. You’ll also learn to create various kinds of offers using the ascension model – irrespective of the industry you are in.
If you build it, they may come. But would they stay and turn into clients & fans? I don’t think so. A successful launch doesn’t depend on the overall traffic you send to your web pages, it 100% depends on the QUALITY of that traffic. Through high-quality and focused marketing strategies, you’ll attract ONLY the right kind of audience and end up saving tons of time, energy and money on useless marketing gimmicks. We’re talking Community Building, Targeted Facebook Ads, Organic Marketing Opportunities, Content Creation, and Facebook Lives – all with an action plan to get tangible results.
Visibility is like oxygen to your business. And there’s no point in being visible without a well-thought-out strategy behind it. That’s where sales funnel come into play. We’ll take overwhelm out of the equation and create a visibility plan that helps you get in front of your ideal clients and capture + convert them through highly persuasive Opt-in Pages, Sales Pages, Emails Sequences, Facebook Ads and so much more. I’m talking all things copy, design and overall strategy.
If you’ve been in the online space for a while now, you must have heard about the brand style guide. Creating a launch style guide for your business is equally (or more important) than merely working on the aesthetics of your business. You’ll familiarize yourself with 3 proven launch styles and create a visibility plan based on the launch style that best suits your needs, so you can avoid the unnecessary launch blues.
You can’t be in business without having effective sales conversation. PERIOD. No matter what kind of product, program or course you’re offering and what your launch model looks like, you are going to have sales conversations 1-on-1, through emails, calls and private messages. In this module, we’re going to learn how to WOW your prospects and help them make an easy decision with no objections whatsoever.
Launching can get hectic and messy as it will test your limits on various levels. That’s why in this module, I will share with you tips, tricks and actionable advice on how to remain energetic throughout your launch, take care of yourself and create a launch schedule that doesn’t involve running yourself into the ground. The support group is there for you to celebrate your victories and support you through your challenges.
You can’t go full force into a launch and close it like an amateur. I will show you how to close your cart with a bang (we’re talking excitement, confetti toss and more money in the bank) without ignoring an important segment of your audience – the non-buyers.
Does the launch process end with closing the cart? You wish so. Defining the , experience is as important as putting together a course and sharing it with the world. Through this powerful training module, we’ll make sure that you have the best strategy moving forward in your business. 
This is where we take an objective 360-degree look at your launch to understand what aspects of the launch worked for your business, what were the shortcomings and how you can address this moving forward to have an ever bigger and more profitable launch in the near future. 
What happens once you’re done with your launch? Party? Yes, Money in the Bank? Absolutely. Put the entire system on autopilot? WOA! Hold your horses. You first need to note down all the lessons learned from your first launch, fill in the gaps, and Relaunch to perfect the process. Once you’ve perfected your launch process, you can then put it on autopilot to generate passive income.

In this module, I’ll teach you how soon can you launch again, how soon is too soon, and what to keep in mind while re-launching. You’ll then be able to have a system that’s working for you 24/7 without any error.
By the time we're finished, you'll be armed with the Systems, Processes and Strategies behind a Successful Launch, and will have a Perfectly Executed Launch under your belt.
I’ve revamped the Launched in 90 videos to make it EVEN better and juicier. If you sign up NOW, you’ll get both the old material + the brand new videos. So, that’s DOUBLE value in the same price. How cool is that?

NOTE: If you’re already enrolled in Launched in 90, you’ll get access to the updated version too :-)
Pinterest Strategist &
• Within 7 days of Launched in 90... Made $750

• Within 30 days of Launched in 90... Made $3k

• Within 6 months of Launched in 90... Had a $10k month

• Within 7 months of Launched in 90... Had a $16k month

• After that Rachel has had TWO - $50k launches within a 6 month period

“Stacy has helped me take my ideas and put them into action with a step by step plan and guidance every step of the way.“
Fast Action Bonus
How would you like to get access to the funnel that helped me generate $80K in a 7-day launch? Every step laid out for you – from copy to design…start to finish.

A lot of strategy, tons of work and bucket loads of cash went into designing that funnel, but you can have it for FREE if you enroll in the LAUNCHED IN 90 within the next 48 hours. Are you willing to miss it? I hope not.  
Real Value Bonuses
List building is oxygen to your online business and launching. Your business can’t exist without a list of people who love you, trust you and follow you, and you only need 1000 true fans!

Once you get your 1000 true fans, selling becomes literally effortless. This bonus will help you get 1000 subscribers in just 30 days with ZERO ad spend. Is it even possible? Very much so. Let me show you how!
Feel stuck in a rut? Things haven’t been working lately? Your business seems to be more like a HOBBY than a real business as it hasn’t been generating any money? No worries! I’ve got you covered.

This bonus will share with you 10 ways you can make $1000 in JUST 30 days. I’m sure it will nudge you in the right direction and give your business the push it so badly needs. Pay in full for LAUNCHED IN 90 and it’s all yours.
Wouldn’t it be just AMAZING if you could have plug and play resources of my $80,000 launch at your disposal? I’m talking about MY VERY OWN Email Sequences, Sales Page, Challenge Emails, Facebook Ads and so much more offered to you on a silver platter. Say ADIOS to the blank page blues and dive headfirst into your launch with confidence that it WILL work.
Bringing you the EXPERTS! In Launched in 90 we will talk about the powerful use of live video, FB groups, and using FB ads to gain more visibility. Who better to learn from than the Best of the Best. Bonus workshops with Caitlin Bacher, Tiffany Lee Bymaster, and Rachel McMichael.  
A step-by-step implementation plan for creating a digital product suite so irresistible that every prospect becomes a lifelong customer. We're talking how to create and structure your introductory offers, flash sales, DIY courses, signature programs, masterminds, live events, retreats and so much more!
You’ll also get direct access to my Trello Board Checklist that my team and I created to run the super successful “Launched in 90 Days Challenge.” This amazing bonus is going to make things way easier for you to implement. No need to go through long training videos or second-guess your each move as you plan your Challenge Launch. You’ll have it all laid out in front of you. From topic choice to breaking down the challenge days, from piecing the funnel together to smash-hit promotion, you’ll have it all.
Over a year and a half worth of coaching calls inside of the community right now to binge watch PLUS 24/7 access to a community full of students and alumni. Welcome to your tribe!
Within 30 days of Launched in 90, Alicia hit her highest month yet. 

She brought in $5,486 in revenue, which includes $2,686 of income from a brand new product (1-week from idea to launch)!
•  Started a Facebook group with 800 people

•  Email list is over 1k

•  First 5-day challenge had 15 buyers
 Most Popular
12 Modules with Training Videos, Workbooks & Checklists 
Swipe Files (Opt-ins, Sales Pages, Email Copy & more) 
2 Discounted Tickets to Annual She's Building Her Empire Live event! 
Highly Relevant Training Videos from Industry Experts
LIFETIME ACCESS to Launched in 90 and All Other Bonuses!
Members Only Private Facebook Community with 18 Previously Recorded Q/A’s with Stacy via Facebook Live
The Propel Effect - Client Attraction System
2 Monthly LIVE Zoom Group Coaching Calls with Stacy
6 months Group Coaching - All Your Questions Answered


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(If you already are a member of Launched in 90, you get a flat $997 Discount on PROPEL)
Pay in Full - $997 Or,
4 Installments of $297
Pay in Full - $4,997 
(Payment Plan Available)
Hi! I’m Stacy Tuschl, an entrepreneur, podcast host, author, speaker and the creator of Launched in 90 where I help women entrepreneurs create, launch and sell-out their very own online programs and courses to maximize their impact in the world.

Using my modern end-to-end process, I help purpose-driven women entrepreneurs break through their challenges, operate at their highest potential and create self-sustaining businesses- without sacrificing their family. Because launching and scaling your business doesn’t have to be stress-inducing or so difficult that you end up hating the process.

When I first started out in my online coaching business, despite having 15 years of business experience and running multiple 6 & 7-figure businesses, I found myself going from client to client, getting burnt out and hoping to scale my coaching business one day. Fast forward a year, and I’ve had multiple successful 5-figure and 6-figure launches all with a small audience.
After being mentored by the best, and raking in $80,000 in just 90 days, one thing I can say for sure is that success of your launch doesn’t depend on the size of your email list, glamorous branding or a gigantic marketing budget. You can start small and scale it BIG.
My approach to launching works for any business at any stage. It can work for you, too.
Investing in “ANOTHER” program, course or mastermind at this point may feel scary to you – trust me, I get it. That’s why I am making it easy for you to trust the process and invest in your business where it’s due. I want you to have ample time to think this through, but I definitely don’t want you to miss the boat…

Which is why, you have 30 days to go through the program and make sure that these trainings are all that you need. I’m confident that you’ll be blown away by the level of support and strategies that’s waiting for you, but if, for any reason, you decide this isn’t for you, simply send me an email within 30 days and I’ll refund every penny of your investment.

However, to be clear you do need to do the work, show concrete evidence of your action and if it didn’t work for you, you’re eligible for a refund.
I know you are. That’s exactly why you’re looking for solutions and reading this page. If you are ready, then I’m ready to help you double, or even triple or quadruple your income, influence and impact.

The dream lifestyle pinned on your vision board, the thoughts of getting recognized for your work, the plans to buy your dream house and spending summers on a luxurious beach house– it’s all possible for you. It’s all a matter of how fast you are to claim it.
Pinterest Strategist
That kind of confidence you get from a close-knit and high-performing community grows your business more than you can expect.

90 days ago, my business was a lot smaller than it is today. It was just me working with one or two clients and I had a great referral system to keep the cash flowing, but I just hadn't built anything. I was managing Pinterest accounts for my clients but I hadn't created my own Pinterest account yet (how ironic). I didn't have a website, I didn't even have a landing page or a sales page. I had no e-mail list, nothing. It was only word of mouth that helped bring in the business.

Now, if you fast-forward 90 days after, I have a clear vision of what I want to do. I am now working on my list building, I’ve got a sales page that is live by the help and feedback of the Mastermind Buddies, and I’ve been able to begin generating leads even without spending thousands on marketing.

Today, I'm being asked to be on Facebook Lives, on Podcasts, and so much more. It's just amazing how a group of ladies who are there for you every step of the way (no matter where they are in their journey) can change the dynamics of your business so fast. I didn't have the courage to do Facebook Lives, I had never done them before and now I'm doing them almost once a week in different peoples' groups.

That kind of confidence grows your business more than you can expect.
 Most Popular
12 Modules with Training Videos, Workbooks & Checklists 
Swipe Files (Opt-ins, Sales Pages, Email Copy & more) 
2 Discounted Tickets to Annual She's Building Her Empire Live event! 
Highly Relevant Training Videos from Industry Experts
LIFETIME ACCESS to Launched in 90 and All Other Bonuses!
Members Only Private Facebook Community with 18 Previously Recorded Q/A’s with Stacy via Facebook Live
The Propel Effect - Client Attraction System
2 Monthly LIVE Zoom Group Coaching Calls with Stacy
6 months of Group Coaching - All Your Questions Answered


Learn more here

(If you already are a member of Launched in 90, you get a flat $997 Discount on PROPEL)
Pay in Full - $997 Or,
4 Installments of $297
Pay in Full - $4,997 
(Payment Plan Available)
Frequently Asked Questions
Q1: Give it to me straight, why specifically do I need to be in Launched In 90 and why can’t I do without it?
Okay! First things first, if you’re tired of thinking, planning and wishing to create a digital product (be it a course, program or membership site) and you finally want to launch it to an eager audience, then you need to be in Launched In 90. You'll have a time-tested and proven step-by-step action plan for launching (or re-launching your offer) successfully.

Secondly, you always have the option to research for yourself, listen to 10 experts and get 100 different opinions to come to an educated decision on how to launch your offer. However, that still does not guarantee any success as launch methods are perfected over time, and that’s exactly why I’m sharing what’s worked BEST for my business (including the costly mistakes I made) so you don’t have to experiment.
Q2: My email list is almost non-existent. Will this still work for me?
Yes, Launched In 90 will absolutely still work for you if you have an unengaged list OR don’t have a list at all. In fact, we will work on your numbers, set sales goals and create a visibility and lead generation plan to increase your list size 10X, so you can launch your offer to a room full of excited ideal clients.
Q3: What if I just have an idea but don’t know how to package my expertise into a product or program?
You don't need to have a finished product to benefit from what I teach in Launched In 90. We have a complete module around product creation that will help you package up your expertise into an info product. However, if you do have an existing (or unfinished) offer, this training will help you POSITION it in the market as a go-to resource in your niche.
Q4: How long will it take to fully implement Launched In 90 and see actual results?
I could easily make it a 6 or 8-week program but it takes 90 days to actually start seeing tangible results. You see, you’re not only learning but implementing as you go and that’s why YOUR action plays a vital role in the results you’re going to see. With that said, if you fully participate in the program, take consistent action and be open to feedback, you are sure to see incredible results faster than you can imagine. 
We have had testimonials of several people making their money back in 30 DAYS. I’ll be sharing case studies inside Launched in 90 and show you why they became incredible success stories, so you can get inspired and know it really works.
Q5: What if I’m not tech savvy? Will I be able to implement everything I’m learning?
Being tech savvy isn’t a requirement for this Program (or to succeed in business in general). In fact, if you’re technically challenged, you NEED to be a part of this Program as I’ll be simplifying the whole tech part of launching your offer and will share with you easy-to-use tools to design your web pages, set-up email sequences and design your own gorgeous graphics. Also, remember that we're always here to answer your questions and support you in any way we can.
Q6: What if this Program isn’t what I was hoping it would be or it doesn’t fit my needs?
First of all, I believe that the sales page explains in detail what you’re getting and the results you can achieve through Launched In 90. However, if you feel that you’ve put in the work to see no results from this program, I’d be happy to give you a refund within 30 days of your purchase on the condition that you show ample proof of implementation. 

Just send an email to info@stacytuschl.com, and if you’re still within your 30 period, your request will be processed after proof of work done is provided.
Q7: What happens after I make my payment? 
You’ll receive a welcome email with details on how to access the Membership area (which holds the videos, workbooks, PDFs and bonus resource material) and a link to join the secret Facebook  Community. Also, you’ll have another email with purchase receipt for your record. 
Q8: Will I have immediate access to all the training material or is it released on weekly basis?
I understand that some high-performers like to go through the material as quickly as they can and appreciate their desire to get things done FAST. Launched In 90 modules will be available all together so everyone is able to go at their own pace and achieve the desired results by following every step.
Q9: How will you provide support? Do I get direct access to Stacy?
This is so much more than a self-study program. You will have access to a Private Facebook Community to stay in touch with other Launched in 90 Members and mastermind with them. Stacy has more than a year and a half worth of monthly Facebook Lives that you will gain access to. 
However, if you want intimate, hands-on support & coaching from Stacy, and be among a select-few fellow high-performers and high-achievers taking their life and businesses to the next level, you can choose to go with the PROPEL version.
For any questions, technical problems please email my team at: info@stacytuschl.com
You Can Achieve Anything!
I’m going to be 100% transparent with you.

Being a mentor and a guide to passionate and ambitious women entrepreneurs, I can only present the best in front of you and let you choose whether you want to keep doing what you’re doing in the hope that it will eventually work out someday or you want to end the cycle of chaos, confusion and frustration once and for all.

To be honest, if you have the sheer will and rock-solid determination, you can be successful even without Launched In 90, but just think of the time, energy and resources you’ll spend (and end up regretting most of it).

For a very small investment (compared to hiring a personal mentor + copywriter + designer + VA), I’ll give you the tools, resources and a fully mapped out path to success…

I implore you to take action today, because I can’t guarantee you a spot if you come back tomorrow or in a few hours…

What I can tell you with 100% certainty is that when I do re-launch this program, you will find the price point MUCH higher than right now.
To your success!
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